Charmaine Clowney

Charmaine Clowney, President of Clowney Consulting Group, is a retired attorney and university diversity, equity and inclusion executive. She attended Dreher High School and the University of SC. Charmaine firmly believes that the arts and community service are vitally important in enhancing Columbia’s wonderful quality of life. Charmaine presently serves as a South Carolina African American Heritage Commissioner and South Carolinian Library Board member. She is also an active member of the Columbia, SC League of Women Voters and ColaJazz Foundation. Charmaine’s father was a well-known Columbia, SC music educator and jazz musician who instilled in her a fervent passion for the arts and community service. An avid lover of movies, Charmaine consistently supports the Nickelodeon Theatre and is a Director level member. Charmaine’s hobbies include spoiling her grandsons, enjoying classic movies, playing her flute, Pilates and having fun with her retired educator mother.