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Solbird Sessions Live: A Docu-Concert Film

Film • May 2

Join us on May 2 for a special screening of Solbird Sessions Live: A Docu-Concert Film as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. Experience TiffanyJ’s inspiring journey through live music and film, showcasing the healing power of music and resilience in the face of adversity.

Before the screening, immerse yourself in a soulful live performance by TiffanyJ herself. After the film, join a panel discussion featuring TiffanyJ, musical director Antonio McKie II, and video producer Marquis D. Wallace. Gain insight into the making of the live album and film, and explore the impact of music on mental health.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate resilience, artistry, and the transformative power of music. Tickets are limited, so secure yours now for a night of inspiration and enlightenment.

2023. 108 min.

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