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Film • Apr 4–Apr 18

Get ready for a heartfelt journey with “Hero,” a film born from friendship and personal experiences. Directed by Dustin Whitehead, this coming-of-age dramedy follows a misfit artist navigating life while supporting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Written by Myles Isreal, the script blends humor and emotion, drawing from real-life moments to create a relatable narrative.

Set in Columbia, South Carolina, “Hero” embraces the local community, featuring local talent and incorporating the city’s vibrant culture. Supported by the South Carolina Film Commission and the University of South Carolina, the film provides internships and course credit to students, offering a unique opportunity to learn from industry professionals.

This coming-of-age drama features local actors (Darion McCloud, Anthony Currie, Carly Siegel) and was shot completely in Columbia by Local Cinema Studio’s Get On Set Initiative. Highlights include an original score, also recorded locally. Keep your eyes peeled for so many well known Columbia locations! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the film.

Join us at The Nick for an authentic cinematic experience that reflects the beauty of human connection and the complexities of life.

2024. 85 min.

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