Johnnie Matthews

Johnnie Matthews, serving as Partner and VP of Operations at Heritage Brands, boasts a career steeped in innovation, adaptation, and exemplary leadership, spanning multiple sectors. His journey commenced during his teenage years, where he not only founded a band later signed by Atlantic Records but also embarked on his inaugural entrepreneurial venture. Alongside his lifelong friend Justin Osborne of the band SUSTO, he established a music venue in his hometown of Florence, SC, famously known as the Lower Room.

This bold venture marked his foray into the realms of business and community development.

By nurturing a thriving hub for the arts, he cultivated a profound sense of unity within his local community. The lessons derived from his Lower Room experience, particularly those concerning the intricate interplay of business and community, continue to resonate deeply with him and continue to shape his career decisions.

Within the precincts of Heritage Brands, Johnnie brings to bear his wealth of experience and insightful perspectives. His mission is to assist leaders in authentically expressing their distinctive voices through top-tier content. He ardently believes that the genuine luminaries are the professionals with whom they collaborate, individuals whose voices blend into harmonious melodies amplified by his team, ultimately reaching and profoundly impacting diverse audiences.