Ebony D. Green, M.Ed., JD

Ebony D. Green, M.Ed., JD, serves as the proprietor of Business and Books, LLC, a privately-owned Consultation and Publication Company specializing in programming and literature. Additionally, she is the visionary behind the Partner in Faith Initiative, a non-profit cooperative dedicated to providing training and valuable resources to schools, businesses, and nonprofits that prioritize Faith-based principles in their services and products.

Ebony is deeply passionate about empowering women and youth, guiding them to find their voices within their spiritual connection and nurturing daily growth in their relationship with the Divine. She fulfills this mission primarily through her ministry engagements, the HERspace Blog, the I am Mentorship program for teenagers, and the I am NEXT College Program for women.

An accomplished author, Ebony has penned ten books and co-authored another. Among her current bestsellers are the “Affirmations for HER 31 Day Devotional Journal” and the “Identity Crisis” series designed for both adults and teenagers. Her writing portfolio spans a wide spectrum, encompassing legal and professional documents as part of her advisory council role with the United States Commission on Civil Rights, contributions to graduate-level collegiate publications, and the creation of specialized educational programs, materials, and mystery writing tailored to women, youth, and young adults.