Donnie Johnson

Donnie enjoys a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade every evening as he concocts his homemade artisan soaps that he sells and gives to his friends and family. He grew up oldest of six, often escaping the challenges of being the eldest by discovering new worlds in books and in nature. When other children enjoyed the typical joys of sports, music and other things that are staples in the typical child he remembers being almost forced into the kitchen to help prepare meals for the siblings and family by his grandmother, forever diligent in her tutelage of how to create the perfect meal with whatever they had in the kitchen and pantries to spare. He is a Gaston native and received his certification in massage therapy in 2016. After a long day, he enjoys his glass of lemonade whilst listening to his choice of audio books. He is graced with the responsibility of owning a dog, a cat, a bearded dragon and two ball pythons that he loves very much. Donnie looks forward to his future with high expectations and pride as he embraces the loving staff, intriguing guest and the ever improving atmosphere that the Nickelodeon has to offer.