Investing to enhance your experience

At The Nick, the experience of our patrons has always been our top motivation. Since our very beginning in the 80s, our stewards have worked hard to do right by the membership. After all, it’s people like you that make our day-to-day film screenings and special events possible. We’ve heard, and dealt with first-hand, the challenges of our ticket-buying process through a third-party site. That’s why we’re investing in a new ticketing system – one built for indie movie theaters and film festivals, which will integrate into our own website and make your experience easier.

There’ll be no more need to jump through hoops or juggle tabs on your phone. You’ll be able to log in via our website to purchase tickets without a fuss. Members will be able to track and use their benefits easily. Then, all that’s left to do is get down to Main Street with plenty of time to decide on a flavor sprinkle for your popcorn!

Online users will enjoy:

  • A seamless ticket-buying experience via
  • The ability to log in to your personal account on our site.
  • If maintaining a current Nickelodeon membership, the ability to track membership benefits within your account, and use ticket perks easily. This will allow us to discontinue physical membership cards, making membership hassle-free.
  • Fun-to-use tools and features that will make our site more user-friendly.

With this new system, a small ($1.25) service charge will become necessary. We have avoided additional fees like this for many years but feel strongly that a positive ticket-buying and membership experience is paramount. Even with our recent investment into system upgrades, members will never pay more than $10.25 for a ticket. Your membership will save you more each year, making it more valuable than ever. Don’t forget- our membership tiers evolved in 2023, and now include special perks and merchandise gifts.

As a member-run organization, we believe you deserve the best experience we can possibly provide. We appreciate your support, and we will keep this space updated as we begin to roll out changes in the coming weeks. Thank you for empowering us to steward local connections to cinema and the arts!