An Important Announcement from your friends at The Nick

The Nickelodeon will be temporarily suspending public screenings as of March 1, 2022.

In an effort to fulfill its long-term mission more effectively, the Nickelodeon must temporarily suspend public screenings beginning March 1, 2022. Theatre operations will resume as soon as possible, most likely by the end of March.

We will use this time for a post-pandemic reset and renewal, including a spring cleaning of the Main Street facility and a reorganization of the operational infrastructure.

We thank our loyal members and patrons for your continued support and patience and hope to see you back at the Nick soon!


Q: Why is the Nick suspending screenings?

A: We will be using this time for a post-pandemic reset and renewal, including a spring cleaning of the Main Street facility and a reorganization of the operational infrastructure. The Board also will continue our strategic planning work, ensuring it is consistent with our values and mission.

Q: When will you reopen?

A: We anticipate holding our Red Carpet Party on March 27th as planned and returning to regular screenings in about a month, contingent upon accomplishing the work we need to do.

Q: I have a ticket to a scheduled film, can I get a refund?

A: Yes, or we would be happy to give you credit for a future film. Please bear with us while we work out the logistics.

Q: Is the Nickelodeon in trouble financially?

A: No, not in the short-term. Like many arts organizations, the Nickelodeon experienced decreased revenues due to low attendance during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our operational deficits over the past two years have been more than made up by the financial support of our members, the many foundations that have supported us over the years, and multiple programs of the federal government. What we are focusing on now is our long-term viability, and our reorganization will ensure that our staffing will be appropriate to provide a consistent level of service to patrons while rebuilding our audience and community partnerships in a post-pandemic world.

Q: The Nick hasn’t been showing the kinds of films I like lately, will you fix this?

A: The Nickelodeon has historically been able to serve a wide range of audiences and interests beyond the usual multiplex fare, and we anticipate that will continue. Our ability to provide this diversity during the pandemic has been affected by day-and-date releases of films via streaming services without a theatrical window, decreased overall attendance, and other factors. Our ability to host sponsored thematic series has particularly suffered. Please stay tuned as we work to restore these types of programs. Your patronage is vital to their success.

Q: If you are not showing films for a month, will you extend my membership by a month?

A: If you make a request, we will strive to accommodate it. We’re hoping that for the same reason you decided to support the Nick in the first place, you’ll allow us a break to reset and renew.

Q: Who is running the Nick right now?

A: Xavier Blake, President of the Board of Directors, with the full support of the Board.

Q: Is the Nick searching for an Executive Director?

A: We began a search for a new Executive Director in late fall 2021 by soliciting advice from the community. That search is now in its final stages. We hope to announce a new Executive Director soon and anticipate that the new Executive Director will be part of our efforts to reset and renew.