Now Playing • Sep 20–Oct 17

Downton Abbey

This fall, the worldwide phenomenon 'Downton Abbey,' becomes a grand motion picture event, as the beloved Crawleys and their intrepid staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the King and Queen of England will unleash scandal, romance, and intrigue that will leave the future of Downton hanging in the balance.

Screening daily.

Now Playing • Oct 4–Oct 17


In 1968, Judy Garland arrives in London to perform a five-week sold-out run. It has been 30 years since she shot to global stardom in 'The Wizard of Oz,' but if her voice has weakened, its dramatic intensity has only grown. As she prepares, battles management, charms musicians, and reminisces, her wit and warmth shine through. Featuring some of her best-known songs, the film celebrates the sheer pizzazz of “the world’s greatest entertainer.”

Screening daily.

Now Playing • Oct 14

Aphasia: Hope is a Four Letter Word | Sold Out

'Aphasia' the movie is part of Carl McIntyre’s hour-long presentation, "Hope is a Four Letter Word." The 40-minute film is followed by a humorous and moving presentation in which Carl explains the process of coming to terms with his condition and making positive and inspired decisions about his new life.

This film is presented free-of-charge in partnership with the University of South Carolina's Aphasia Lab.

Monday, October 14 at 6:00pm.

Coming Soon • Oct 16

High Life

Death row prisoners are given a second chance by the government as they embark on a mission to deep space. More advanced social complexes are at play as the ship’s onboard doctor, Dr. Dibs (Juliette Binoche), runs experiments on the inmates; conflict among the crew begins to brew. Monte, the crew's sole survivor, struggles raise his daughter, drifting ever closer to a black hole in the desolate, doomed vessel.

Preceded by 'Afronauts' by Frances Bodomo.

Part of the Weird Sisters series.
Wednesday, October 16 at 7:00pm.

Coming Soon • Oct 18–Oct 24

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Linda Ronstadt has been an icon for more than 50 years. Her extraordinary vocal range and ambition created unforgettable songs across genres. As the most popular female recording artist of the 1970s, Ronstadt filled huge arenas and produced an astounding eleven platinum albums. Ronstadt was the first artist to top the Pop, Country, and R&B charts simultaneously, she won 10 Grammy ® Awards on 26 nominations and attained a level of stardom the Tucson native never could have imagined.

Screening daily, beginning Friday, October 18.

Coming Soon • Oct 19

Home Movie Day

Columbia’s annual Home Movie Day event will be held by UofSC’s Moving Image Research Collections (MIRC). 

This drop-in screening will feature films of Boy Scouts Camps and a parade in 1920s and 1930s Columbia from the William E. ‘Chief’ Czarnitzki Collection.

Film archivists and librarians will be in the lobby to discuss MIRC’s home movies collections, and to advise attendees on preservation and conservation for home movies and amateur-made films. Come by to discuss your film needs!

Saturday, October 19 | 10:00am - 1:00pm

Coming Soon • Oct 22

The Other Story

Two rebellious young women – one fleeing the chaos of secular hedonism for the disciplined comforts of faith; the other desperate to transcend her oppressive religious upbringing for sexual and spiritual freedom – cross paths unexpectedly in Jerusalem, to startling consequences.

Tuesday, October 22 at 7:00pm.
Part of the Columbia Jewish Film Festival.

Coming Soon • Oct 25

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

Join us for the S.C. premiere of this stunning new documentary and the first official event of the 2020 Indie Grits Labs Fellowship & Real Fiction Project.

Marion Stokes was recording television 24 hours a day for 30 years. She recorded on 70,000 VHS tapes, capturing revolutions, lies, wars, triumphs, catastrophes, bloopers, talk shows, and commercials that tell us who we were and show how television shaped the world of today.

Friday, October 25 at 9:30pm.

Coming Soon • Oct 27


The story of a complicated relationship between an aging father and his son with special needs. Reuben's kidneys are failing and his son Gadi wants to donate one of his. However, the transplant committee objects claiming that Rueben, acting as Gadi's sole legal guardian, does not have the right to authorize such an invasive procedure.

Sunday, October 27 at 3:00pm.
Part of the Columbia Jewish Film Festival.

Coming Soon • Oct 27

The Keeper

The true story of Bert Trautmann, a German soldier and prisoner of war who, against a backdrop of British post-war protest, secures the position of Goalkeeper at Manchester City, and in doing so becomes a footballing icon. Struggling for acceptance by those who dismiss him as the enemy, Bert’s love for Margaret, an Englishwoman, carries him through.

Sunday, October 27 at 5:30pm.
Part of the Columbia Jewish Film Festival.

Coming Soon • Oct 29

Latter Day Jew

A documentary about H. Alan Scott's Mormon upbringing, eventual conversion to Judaism at age 31 and preparation for his Bar Mitzvah in the Fall of 2017. Latter Day Jew chronicles his journey, and in the process shows that spiritual and cultural identity is deeper than just what we are born into or what our families believed and taught us.

Tuesday, October 29 at 7:00pm.
Part of the Columbia Jewish Film Festival.

Coming Soon • Oct 30


Follow Susie Bannion, an aspiring dancer, as she realizes a forbidden destiny within the shelter of a strangely timeless dance company. Accompanied by a dark backdrop, bewitching modern dance, and an eerily beautiful soundtrack, the company’s sinister secrets manifest in a manner that is both grotesque and cathartic, revealing an ancient power that will hold you spellbound.

Part of the Weird Sisters series.
Wednesday, October 30 at 7:00pm.

Coming Soon • Oct 31

The Blair Witch Project | 20th Anniversary

Join us on Halloween for this spooky classic!

Three film students vanish after traveling into a Maryland forest to film a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend, leaving only their footage behind.

Thursday, October 31 at 8:30pm.

Coming Soon • Nov 3

Sunday Shorts: Student Film Competition Showcase

Student films from the 2019 SC Student Short Film Competition will be shown. Middle, high school and college students created films using the theme Chesed: Acts of Lovingkindness, a concept defined as “loving your neighbor as yourself.” A true act of chesed is a good deed done with no expectation of reward and often requires much courage.

Sunday, November 3 at 1:30pm
Part of the Columbia Jewish Film Festival.

Coming Soon • Nov 3

Fiddler: Miracle of Miracles

The origin story behind one of Broadway's most beloved musicals, Fiddler on The Roof, and its creative roots in early 1960s New York, when "tradition" was on the wane as gender roles, sexuality, race relations and religion were evolving.

Part of the Columbia Jewish Film Festival.
Sunday, Novevember 3 at 3:00pm.

Coming Soon • Nov 4

Superman: The Movie (1978)

University of South Carolina Libraries and the Nickelodeon Theatre are offering a free screening of Superman: The Movie (1978), with an all-star cast including Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder and more.

Superman: The Movie is shown as a component of UofSC Libraries’ Four Color Fantasies exhibit, which showcases the best of the 180,000 item comic book collection donated by Gary Lee Watson.

Monday, November 4 at 7:00pm

Coming Soon • Nov 5

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

A riveting and unusually layered romance, The Reports on Sarah and Saleem deftly unravels an engrossing illicit affair in a rich sociopolitical context.

Part of the Columbia Jewish Film Festival.
Tuesday, November 5 at 7:00pm.

Coming Soon • Nov 16

NY Int'l Children's Film Festival | Kids Flicks Two

Take a wild ride and harness the (cat) power of the cosmos with the quirky film Catmos. If you're curious about more earthly matters, take a page out of a Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl. And whether their tastes lean umami or sweet, the duo in Mogu & Perol just might convince you there is simply nothing more delish than a warm friendship.

Saturday, November 16 at 1:00pm.
Part of our Saturday Stories series.

Coming Soon • Nov 23

Falls Around Her | "Sisters are Sacred" Exhibit

Tantoo Cardinal shines as a world-famous Anishinaabe musician who returns to the reserve to rest and recharge—only to discover that fame (and the outside world) are not easily left behind, in writer-director Darlene Naponse’s riveting portrait of resilience set among a northern First Nation.

Screening in partnership with the South Carolina Indian Affairs Commission and the Indigenous Women's Alliance of South Carolina as part of the "Sisters Are Sacred" exhibit.

FREE ADMISSION. Ticket reservations are encouraged. 
Saturday, November 23 at 1:00pm.