South Carolina Underground Film Festival (SCUFF)


Welcome to the “Slamdance of the South!”

The 2021 South Carolina Underground Film Festival celebrates all genres of independent film in one festival.  This is truly an international film festival as we are featuring films from all over the globe.

The SCUFF will be three packed days of indie films where fans and filmmakers can meet and mingle and celebrate obscure and independent film.

Presented in part by The Nickelodeon Theater in Columbia, South Carolina, SCUFF will take place on November 5th, 6th and 7th, 2021 here at the at Nickelodeon Theater at 1607 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201.

Daily tickets and 3-day Passes are available!


3 DAY VIP PASS – $35






Friday, November 5, 2021 

11:00 AM – South Carolina Shorts Block 1 

The Ghostly Lovers of Fripp Island (3 mins) – The tale of the lovers of Fripp Island- a ghost story  from the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Directed by Jim Sidletsky 

Finding Solace (7 mins) – The internal struggle of Tom as he comes to terms with the loss of his  wife and son. Directed by J. Franz 

Unblocked (7 mins) – Two Aliens bargain with a human after a malfunction allows him to see  past their cloaking technology. Directed by Anil Dhokai 

Womb (10 mins) – During her third trimester, a soon-to-be single mother is forced to face her  anxiety and fears in her own personal hot pink hellscape. Directed by Brittany Brock 

Love Bomb (12 mins) – A story of love. A story of betrayal. Directed by Felicia Rivers Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

12:30 PM – Feature Film 

Navigating THRU (1 hr 28 mins) – Navigating THRU follows the journey of several women as  they hike 2,200 miles along the Appalachian Trail. Directed by Lindsay Taylor Jackson 

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

3:00 PM – Documentary Shorts Block 

Death Rides on Every Passing Breeze: A Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of Wesley United  Methodist Church (19 mins) The history of Wesley United Methodist Church located in  Beaufort, South Carolina and the research to try and better understand their 200 year old  cemetery. Directed by George Wingard 

Betwixt & Between (8 mins) – A short documentary about the creation of sculptor Patrick  Dougherty’s exhibit at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, SC. Directed by David Walton  Smith 

ORANGEBURG: A Town, A Team, An American Tragedy (20 mins) – This film retells the  relatively unknown story of the Orangeburg Massacre from the point of view of several  members of the college football squad who survived the slaughter and shines a light on athlete  activism and police violence toward young black men, some 50 years after the events in  Orangeburg. Directed by Jim Fabio

Giant: The World of Filmmaker Jeff Leroy (15 mins) – On the rooftop of his apartment in Long  Beach, CA, we enter the world of one-of-a-kind filmmaker, Jeff Leroy where giant women and  monster Kaiju fight it out in a miniature city made from discarded trash. Explosions, mayhem  and madness ensue. Directed by Jason Kartalian 

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

5:00 PM – Feature Film 

Itchy Fingers (1 hr 46 mins) – An aspiring teenage comedian joins a community theater and is  cast to play a school shooter. Directed by Anna Nilles and Anna Nilles. 

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

7:30 PM – LGBT Cinema Shorts Block 

From Russia with Motive 101 “Aeroport: 2020” (9 mins) – Two sisters, Natasha and Svetlana,  flee their small Russian village in order to find freedom and rich husbands in Los Angeles. Rich  men are a girl’s best friend. Directed by Colin Costello 

Bitch & Slut: Lesbian Maniac Heterosexual Killers! (20 mins) – An animated, LGBT+ sci-fi,  comedy-horror, disaster movie told through savage political satire…and takes no prisoners. Two evil, intergalactic sisters are reincarnated as caring, sensitive lesbians in1980’s America to  get a harsh lesson in a homophobic, violent society. But the karma backfires with cataclysmic  consequences for humanity. Directed by Max Barber 

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

End Day 1 

Saturday, November 6, 2021 

11:00 AM – South Carolina Shorts Block 2 

Deeper Than Dentistry “Saving Grace” (15 mins) – A young group of friends ends up fighting for  their lives after a brief encounter with two women. Directed by Vinnis Parnell III 

The Treaty of COVID-19 (18 mins) – Indians have been at war with the White Man for 500 years.  Now the Great Sky Spirit has given the descendant of Chief Sitting Bull a weapon to fight back  and reclaim what has been taken. Directed by Andy Winstead 

Peter deVries Concert Violinist (7 mins) Recovering from two mid-career shoulder surgeries,  violinist Peter deVries is reestablishing his career. Peter plays Mozart, Kreisler and talks about  his life passions. Directed by Rick FItts

Godfrey’s Light (10 mins) – A gas station attendant discovers a strange connection between  herself and a criminal scheduled for execution on live television. Directed by Darian O’Neil 

Cry or Die or Do Better: A John Jenrette Story (9 mins) – In this whimsical study of ambition  gone awry, a disgraced South Carolina congressman surveys the wreckage of a once promising  political career from his palatial seaside home in Myrtle Beach. Directed by Luke Hodges 

Q&Q to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

1:00 PM – Feature Film 

Nuts! The Musical (1 hr 30 mins) – Two brothers, Sam and Isaac Piper, manage their dying  father’s pest control company. When spraying the home of former child star, Zack Thompson,  they unwittingly stumble into an outrageous conspiracy. Coincidentally, Sam’s newly-invented  pest control chemical is in popular demand. Depending on who gains control of this chemical, it  could bring fame and fortune, jeopardize the conspiracy, or simply provide a sensational high.  Directed by Benjamin Dean Wilson 

Q&Q to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

3:00 – Horror Shorts Block 

Ghost Note (5 mins) – A man does whatever he can to see his wife. Directed by C. Michael  Whaley 

The Fuzzies (8 mins) – A man wakes up locked in a strange bathroom where something is lurking  behind the walls. Directed by Josh Funk 

The Dark Room (22 mins) – When adventurous strangers at a psychic party unexpectedly  contact the spirit of a young murdered girl, they discover their host’s intentions are much  darker than anyone first believed. Directed by Adrienne Lovette 

PKD9000 (12 mins) – Throughout the course of a day a suburban family’s life turns into a  nightmare when their new “smart” microwave, the PKD9000, takes on a life of its own in this  dark comedy thriller. Directed by Brandon Boudreaux 

Siren (16 mins) – Driving on a highway late at night, distracted driver April and her combative  lover Brooke are pulled over for speeding by two sinister police officers. During a strange and  increasingly frightening interrogation, the two women find themselves under the power of a  

supernatural force that changes everything they ever knew about themselves… and each other.  Directed by Christopher Beaubien 

Q&Q to follow with filmmakers in attendance.

5:00 PM – Animation Shorts Block 

Spacation (2 mins) -A thousand-year-old couple from the planet Curia spends their yearly  vacation traveling through the classic Milky Way galaxy in their vintage space car. After making  stops at tourist favorites like Pluto Slurp and Spinning Saturn, disaster hits causing the couple to  quickly decide the outcome of their trip. Directed by Jessica Ecarma 

The Dark Odyssey (9 mins) – A brave captain and his faithful mate transport a captive warrior,  who holds The Inventory of The Mind, across the interstellar line. When their ship is forced to  navigate an asteroid field, their mission is jeopardized. Directed by Michael Lavine 

The Farmer and the Lightning Storm (5 mins) – Burdened by frustration and fear, the Goddess  of Lightning cannot find meaning in what she does and suppresses her abilities. Can a nearby  Farmer help Lightning regain confidence in her powers, and by extension, in herself? Directed  by Danielle Browne 

Creatures in My House (10 mins) – The exquisitely handcrafted world in this stop motion  animated short, follows a house full of peculiar monsters waking up amuck in this askew home.  This quirky and tactile household is full of frenetic energy set off by the morning alarm.  Discover what the ruckus in the kitchen is really about in this colorful nod to film noir and  German expressionism. It’s horrifyingly delightful. Directed by Ilena Finocchi 

1 more possible title HERE 

7:00 PM – Feature Film 

Bad Girls (1 hr 37 mins) – After robbing a strip club, three desperate teenage girls lead a  misogynistic Federal Agent on a lysergic cross-country chase, scoring a duffle bag full of money,  drugs, and a crew of willing kidnapees along the way. Directed by Christopher Bickel 

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

End Day 2 

Sunday, November 7, 2021 

11:00 AM – Feature Film 

The History of Metal and Horror (1 hr 40 mins) – A documentary that explores the history of  heavy metal and horror, and how the two genres merged over time. Hosted by Michael  Berryman, and featuring Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Kirk Hammett, John Carpenter, Tom Savini,  Dave Mustaine, Jonathan Davis, Corey Taylor, and many more. Directed by Mike Schiff

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

1:30 PM – Foreign Shorts Block 

El Triste (Mexico/14 mins) – A Drama that takes place on the backstage of a marionette show. This short film follows “El Triste”, an old used ragdoll-like marionette, and his journey of self acceptance and discovery as he decides to do all it takes to prove to himself and his fellow  puppets that he is valuable and worthy of admiration. Directed by Manuel Del Valle 

Bob (Germany/14 mins) – A painter in a creative crisis gets help from a monster behind a door  in her studio. Directed by Johannes Schmidt 

Golem (Australia/5 mins) – Nazi-occupied Prague, 1939. A group of German soldiers search for a  fugitive Rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue – unaware of the horror awaiting  them. Directed by Ryan Cauchi 

Can’t Go Home Again (United Kingdom/11 mins) – Temporal Enforcement Agent Elliott Young  breaks protocol and returns to her own past. There she comes face to face with her 8-year-old  past self and her seemingly kind father. During their encounter Elliott explosively confronts her  father in an effort to prevent a tragedy that will occur in only a few hours’ time. Directed by  Anthony J. Cook 

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

3:00 – Feature Film 

Emmageddon (1 hr 30 mins) – Emily is a struggling screenwriter who works in an ice cream  shop. Emma, the lead character in Emily’s screenplay, is a struggling screenwriter who is also  secretly “Emmageddon” – a superheroine with the impeccable social graces of a Jane Austen  protagonist. Now, Emmageddon must confront Darius, gelato shop owner and art-destroying  supervillain, to save all struggling artists everywhere in the universe. Directed by Ryan M.  Moore 

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance. 

5:30 PM – SCUFFY Awards