Silver Screen Studies


Silver Screen Studies is a recurring screening and discussion series that pairs films with special presentations by scholars and cinema experts. Whether you are a seasoned cinephile or just film-curious you’ll enjoy these classics that everyone deserves to see on the big screen.

Special thanks to our series sponsors, Aaron and Andrea West.


Mar 22

Come And See (1985) | Newly Restored

The war movie to end all war movies -- there has never been a movie quite like Come and See, a poetic masterpiece of the brutality and horrors of war. Not for the faint of heart, but essential viewing for all cinema lovers.

This widely acclaimed film from Soviet director Elem Klimov is a stunning, senses-shattering plunge into the dehumanizing horrors of war. Join us for our next Silver Screen Studies screening of this newly restored version of "Come And See."

Scene for scene, Mr. Klimov proves a master of a sort of unreal realism that seeks to get at events terrible beyond comprehension.
-- Walter Goodman, The New York

Part of Silver Screen Studies. Screening March 22 at 2pm.