Make Your Own Orgone Pyramid

Dec 5, 2017

When: Thursdays / July 12, 19 / 6:00-9:00pm
Where: Indie Grits Labs / 1013 Duke Ave
Instructor: Curtis Heru
Cost: Nick Member $45 + Materials Fee / Non-Member $60 + Materials Fee

Orgonite is a special substance used to make all kinds of shapes and sculptures. Usually paired with polyster resin and combined with specific materials, such as gold flakes and crystals, the final result is an entirely unique sculpture. There are many spiritual aspects to your creation based on what you decide to put in your sculpture. Class instructor Curtis Heru will lead you through what this means for spiritual sovereignty, and after the course, you will come home with a significant piece of art that is entirely unique to you and your energy.

Words from the instructor:
“Orgone Architecture is very special process that enables you to control the Energy Flow of your environment. The phrase “Good Vibes” is perfectly applicable. Orgone sculptures consist of crystals, metals, synthetic or plant-based resin and memorable objects and/or patterns that are specifically placed then bound together in harmony to generate positive energy. Orgones are chi boosters and emit vibrations that protect against levels of EMF Radiation, they aid in focus, and the optimization of the meridians and chakra centers within the body. Today’s societies are over-saturated with unnatural frequencies that our bodies are subjected to every day– from cell phones, cell phone towers, televisions, computers, and even foods. Orgone Energy is one way you can balance those negative vibrations and take back control of your space.”