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Evil Does Not Exist

Film • May 31–Jun 13

Visit The Nick for an evocative cinematic experience with Evil Does Not Exist, a Japanese drama from acclaimed director Ryusuke Hamaguchi. This film has garnered significant recognition, winning the Grand Jury Prize and FIPRESCI Award at the Venice International Film Festival and Best Film at the BFI London Film Festival.

Set in the tranquil village of Mizubiki, Evil Does Not Exist follows widower Takumi and his young daughter Hana. Their serene life faces disruption from a real estate developer planning a glamping site. The villagers, including Takumi, resist the project, fearing environmental damage. Tensions rise as the developer’s representatives, initially dismissive, begin to understand the villagers’ concerns but are met with corporate pushback.

Amidst this conflict, unexplained gunshots echo through the forest, symbolizing the growing unease. The narrative takes a dark turn when Hana goes missing. Takumi and a company representative, Takahashi, search for her, leading to a harrowing encounter with nature’s raw power.

Evil Does Not Exist delves into themes of community, environmentalism, and the stark contrast between corporate interests and rural life. With its haunting cinematography and powerful storytelling, this film is a poignant exploration of human and natural resilience.

2023. 106 min.

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