Cane River

Film • Feb 23–Mar 3

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Peter has returned to his old Louisiana community of Natchitoches Parish, and while touring through old plantations he meets Maria (Tommye Myrick). She too is a robust, independent presence, who wants to move from her small town into something bigger and to break from the overbearing nature of her mother, and the unhappiness of her brother. Peter and Maria soon kick off a romance that’s cinematically classic, comprised of gushing feelings and purity, but they’re always seen as people who come from a specific place, so much of “Cane River” is about beholding Peter and Maria and the beauty of two people in love. There’s a special beauty within “Cane River”—it champions identity and intellect, all as part of a sprawling canvas where love is the majority rule. Even nearly 40 years later, Jenkins’ film still feels radical in its grace. 

-Nick Allen