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Eden’s Garden

Event • Jun 27

In partnership with SC Black Pride, we will be hosting a screening of Eden’s Garden, a series about a group of transmen in NYC navigating the journey of learning manhood, overcoming family drama, and surviving the mean streets on their way to success.

Following the screening there will be a talkback featuring the series’ director and cast members.

About the series: The pilot episode of Eden’s Garden centers around a group of men bound by an irreversible choice: transitioning from female to male. Can CJ conquer the demons tethering him to unending cycles? Will Gino confront the truth he’s afraid to acknowledge? Is Rico poised to fulfill his deepest aspirations? Can Chaz embrace his identity, shedding his former concealment?

This inaugural episode delves into the intricacies of existence through the lens of men navigating the uncharted terrain of manhood post-transition. Amidst this transformative journey, their individual destinies are influenced by the tapestry of life that envelops them. Will they emerge as steadfast brothers or as adversaries?

The episode introduces the complexities of their lives, offering a glimpse into how their personal environments shape their paths. As they grapple with self-discovery and societal perception, their intertwined narratives unfold, leaving viewers to ponder the intertwined threads of brotherhood and discord.

Will CJ, Gino, Rico, and Chaz find common ground amid their diverse trajectories, or will their journeys lead them down divergent roads? Eden’s Garden marks the inception of a gripping exploration of identity, relationships, and the profound choices that define us.