Art Docs

Jan 18, 2016 by Seth Gadsden on The Nickelodeon Blog

“Painting, sculpture and architecture are finished, but the art habit continues.” These fiery words from the the enigmatic land artist, Robert Smithson, act as the guiding voice behind a new and dynamic series, ART DOCS, coming this January and February to the Nick. Still hungry from the recent Future Perfect art exhibition at Indie Grits, we will continue our foray into the arts by exploring art habits both new and old that challenge the standard norm with five feature films, three shorts, and a series of live musical performances in the theater.

Art documentaries have a history of pushing filmmakers towards new techniques and processes acting as a fertile ground for experimentation. Our series, ART DOCS, encapsulates a divers range of filmmaking perspectives complementing the myriad of art subjects and creative forces represented.

The art we explore is active, not idling by–the captured social dynamics of the photography in Everybody Street, the blazing indignance of ! Women Art Revolution, the performative grace of Picasso’s hand in The Mystery of Picasso, the churning, transfigurative marvels in Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art, and the frenzied, mobile interdisciplinary collage of Station to Station. Altogether, this series is no still life–along with our commissioned short films on local artists and live in-theatre performances, ART DOCS is truly alive.

—Seth Gadsden, Series Curator