A Fantastical Night with the Goblin King

Jan 20, 2016 by Marketing on The Nickelodeon Blog

This past weekend the Nick celebrated Bowie’s life and artwork by hosting four sold-out screenings of the artist’s fantasy film project. Released in 1986, Labyrinth tells the story of a young girl who must make her way through a mythical maze in order to rescue her brother who has been kidnapped by the artful and powerful Goblin king (Bowie glittering in a shiny mullet wig and VERY tight pants).

On the night of the very first show, the theater was brimming with excitement and tremendous nostalgia. Bowie fans of all ages cheered and rooted as the Goblin King made his appearance and taunted a young Jennifer Connelly. It was my first time seeing Bowie’s magical portrayal on the big screen.

Some members of the audience had never seen the film before and wanted a chance to admire Bowie’s presence, others were there to rediscover the film, share the movie experience with loved ones and enjoy the “power of voodoo.” It’s still hard to believe that on January 11, the world had to say goodbye to this versatile and fearless pop culture icon.

Bowie’s death, an irreparable loss to the art community, shook up trendsetters, entertainers, musicians and misfits everywhere. He created a space of his own, one where fashion, music and film are strangely and beautifully intertwined, leaving behind a unique legacy.

Bowie had otherworldly powers that he used to explore the realms of human identity, push creative boundaries and defy heteronormative views. His work became a source of empowerment for many generations; his performances and alter egos will enduringly stand as encouragement for those who aren’t looking to blend in and wish to continuously disrupt the norm.