Yates Explains Our Guest-Curated Series

Nov 11, 2015 by Nickelodeon on The Nickelodeon Blog

This series features a few films I most often revisit. Though disparate in content and form, all of these movies cast some sort of indefinable spell that I hope I never fully understand. Whenever I’m stuck and need creative redirection, or wanting to experience warm childhood nostalgia, or needing to be reminded of the endless possibilities that cinematic meaning-making has to offer, these are some of the films that I turn to first.

Before each screening I will provide some historical context and briefly share why the film resonates with me. I’ve seen these movies several times, but never on the big screen amongst the company of friends and strangers. It might be your only chance to see these films in a theatrical setting, so I truly hope you’ll seize the opportunity and come check ‘em out.

See you at The Nick!