The Dark World of H.R. Geiger and Dark Star

Jul 30, 2015 by Nickelodeon on The Nickelodeon Blog

Hey Metalheads, Punks, Deviants, and Devotees of the Weird,

The sweltering Columbia summer has been particularly gruesome this year. Sweating badly in that sharp and enigmatic all black outfit?  Ready to embrace the darkness, literally and figuratively, and cool down in a theater to watch an anecdotal art-appreciation documentary about the late, great H.R. Giger?  Dark Star is the answer.

Dark Star takes you through a weaving point of view tour of Giger’s home, most of which seems crippled under the weight of stacked books, curios, and so much of his life’s work – seriously, he built a railroad track in his backyard that you ride through an overgrown maze of his nightmares.  His home is an archivist’s dream, and like the talking-head interviews in the film, tells its own story about Giger’s life and life’s work.

If Giger is a name you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll most likely know his biomechanical xenomorph creation from the Alien franchise.

The film spends fitting moments panning across several of his monolithic pieces. The immersion is an affective experience for works that have been described as both terrifying and sexy, otherworldly and humanistic.

Simply, you won’t leave this film with a grand illumination of the artist’s vision or philosophy behind the work.  But you will leave the theater with a sense of awe at the abilities of a singular man giving creative light to monstrous dreams. – Kaitlin McKnight, Theater Operations Manager

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