Sundance Film Festival Plays the Nick

Aug 19, 2015 by Nickelodeon on The Nickelodeon Blog

The Short Films section has always been the less-publicized wing of the Sundance Film Festival, mostly because no one gets to see the selections, no matter how bally-hooed. As a result, short-form films have suffered in prestige and publicity, even if their adventurousness has never waned. By collecting the award-winning shorts into a single, feature-length program, Sundance Shorts restores short films to their rightful place as bold and internally satisfying acts of cinema, as well as harbingers of independent film’s next voices.

Of this year’s six films, The Face of Ukraine is the shortest (and timeliest) at seven minutes, in which two girls from opposite ends of Ukraine audition for role of Oksana Baiul, their country’s first Winter Olympics gold medalist; the longest is the 22-minute Oh Lucy!, a tale of dormant desire and shifting, flexible identity. Experimental cartoonist Don Hertzfeldt anchors the roster with Jury Prize-winner and unqualified masterwork World of Tomorrow, a deeply felt combination of humanist animation and turbulent, whimsical prophecy. Though just 17 minutes, the AV Club’s Sundance correspondent Noel Murray said it “may be 2015’s best film.” Eclectic and uncompromising, the program’s six films showcase the unique filmmakers already enriching independent film.

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—Mike Opal