Summer Intern Veronica!

May 28, 2014 by Seth Gadsden on The Nickelodeon Blog

I’m Veronica Brown, and I will be interning at the Nick this summer. I grew up in Columbia and graduated from Dreher High School before moving to Northampton, Massachusetts to attend Smith College. I plan to major in Psychology with a minor in Film Studies, concentrating on the psychological study of various forms of media.

I am excited to work as a programming intern. I hope to gain practical experience that complements my academic exploration of film’s cultural significance. Like many other teenagers from Columbia, I spent many nights complaining about how boring my hometown was before going away to college and realizing that the 803 has much more to offer than I had ever appreciated. I look forward to working at one of the city’s coolest institutions and helping the Nick to organize programming that engages the local community.

This summer I’m obsessed with Childish Gambino and catching up on every trashy reality show I missed during my first year at college. My current favorite documentary is Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry.