Summer Intern Keyshawn!

Jun 2, 2014 by Sherard Duvall on The Nickelodeon Blog
Student Intern - Spring Valley High School

Hey! I’m Keyshawn Butler, and I was born in Seattle, Washington before moving to South Carolina in 2007. I am a senior at Spring Valley High School, and it was the best school life ever. I met new friends that are really awesome and annoying(sometimes), but they kinda grew on me. I think Track and Field and Cross Country are the best sports ever, and I love them. I lettered in track twice and was the top 6th Sprinter on the team. I can now say that I accomplished a lot in High School, but the journey is just beginning for me.  I’m about to graduate from High school June 7th, hopefully during the summer I can find a great and awesome job.

I plan on going to Midlands Tech for two years then transferring to USC for Film studies. I really like filmmaking, it has grown on me and I think I could have a great future in the filming business. All my friends and teachers support me. Two months ago I made a movie called Army Of Five 4, showed it to my school, and I got a great response from them. This movie wouldn’t have happened without my friends helping me out.

My journey is not over until I become a successful and experienced movie director. I believe that I have the talent and the imagination that a director must have in making a movie. That’s my story

Thank You.