Summer Intern Hesakahi!

Jun 2, 2014 by Sherard Duvall on The Nickelodeon Blog
Student - CA Johnson High

My name is Hesakahi McCoy. This summer I will be an intern at The Nickelodeon Theater. I am 17 years old and was born on December 20,1996 in Columbia, SC. I attend C.A. Johnson high school as a rising Senior. I play varsity football and baseball and recently received the all region award for football. I love music and art, because they allow freedom of expression.

I’ve had the honor of participating in the Come Around My Way program, and making documentaries on my community and friendship. It was a very liberating experience for ¬†myself and others. Aside from making great documentaries, I got to meet new people and friends. It also helped me develop a love for media and all the hard work and dedication that goes behind it.

I’m looking forward to this internship and working with my good friend and mentor Sherard Duvall again, along with other friends I’ve made along the way :)