Sound & Vision


Sound & Vision brings together siblings of form through a new music documentary series in partnership with DRIP (records). In addition to screening both repertory and contemporary music docs, local bands will perform live before each film, bringing a bit more action to Columbia’s Saturday night.


May 26

Shut Up and Play the Hits

This film is a part of our Sound & Vision series presented in partnership with DRIP (records).

With a live musical performance by sandcastles.

In 2012, dance-rock band LCD Soundsystem planned their own funeral and held it at Madison Square Garden. Shut Up and Play the Hits documents that four hour show and the realities of a band composing its own eulogy. Now LCD Soundsystem lives again, making that show a rock and roll spectacle that blurs the lines between sincerity and shrewdness.

Directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace.

sandcastles., helmed by local Kari Lebby, is tempestuous “queer bummer pop” inspired by emo/indie rock and alternative R&B like American Football and Frank Ocean, but it’s way more fun to dance to.