Saturday Stories


In a continuing effort to open our space to younger moviegoers and make the Nick experience more inclusive, we have launched Saturday Stories, a monthly family-friendly series.  

We are excited to launch this series as part of an effort to create more family spaces downtown.  Saturday Stories will bring the best in national and international youth film to Columbia, entertain and educate our future, and introduce kids to the world of cinema.





Jan 18


January 2020 kicks off the year long celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth, so we've partnered with South Carolina Philharmonic to present a family friendly screening of this classic comedy from 1992.

Feeling that something is lacking in their lives, the family of suburbanite Charles Grodin adopts a stray St. Bernard puppy. The cute lite beast grows up to be the less-than-cute Beethoven -- a sloppy, slobbery, oversized and extremely destructive animal. Beethoven also brings with him a lot of hidden baggage in the form of evil veterinarian Dean Jones, who'll stop at nothing to steal Beethoven for the purposes of his insidious lab experiment.

There will be a short, kid-friendly, introduction by members of the SC Philharmonic.

Be sure to visit their website for more Ludwig van Beethoven themed events.