Saturday Stories


In a continuing effort to open our space to younger moviegoers and make the Nick experience more inclusive, we are launching Saturday Stories, a monthly family-friendly series.  

We are excited to launch this series as part of an effort to create more family spaces downtown.  Saturday Stories will bring the best in national and international youth film to Columbia, entertain and educate our future, and introduce kids to the world of cinema.





Nov 16

NY Int'l Children's Film Festival | Kids Flicks Two

Take a wild ride and harness the (cat) power of the cosmos with the quirky film Catmos. If you're curious about more earthly matters, take a page out of a Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl. And whether their tastes lean umami or sweet, the duo in Mogu & Perol just might convince you there is simply nothing more delish than a warm friendship.

With these films and more, NYICFF Kid Flicks Two shows you’re never too old to learn a few new tricks!

Preceded by the following short film, in honor of National Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month:

Throat Singing in Kangirsuk (4 minutes), Eva Kaukai (Inuit) and Manon Chamberland (Inuit)
Eva and Manon practice the art of throat singing in the small village of Kangirsuk, in their native Arctic land. Interspliced with footage of the four seasons of Kangirsuk by Johnny Nassak.


Mogu & Perol

Whether their tastes lean umami or sweet, the duo here finds there is simply nothing more delish than a warm friendship.

2018. Japan. 9 minutes.

Running Lights

A magical transfer of glowing energy and life is set into motion when one creature departs its earthly form.

2017. Finland, India, Lithuania. 11 minutes.


A pugilist-in-training, Jess has big boxing aspirations, while her father worries and supports her in one-two alternations of his own.

2017. USA. 7 minutes.

Saturday's Apartment

Banging, jumping, wailing, pounding—noisy neighbor mayhem rules the day until this ultimately loveable bunch of apartment dwellers find a way to hammer it out together.

2018. South Korea. 7 minutes.

Slow Dance

A middle school dance floor is the ultimate field of courage for our protagonist.

2018. Sweden. 6 minutes.

Poles Apart

Nanuk, a tough-talking polar bear, meets Aklak, an enthusiastic grizzly, when he encroaches on her own dwindling turf, and she’s understandably a little less than patient with his clueless cheer.

2017. UK. 12 minutes.

Hors Piste

Crevasse-kicking laughs are in store when an alpine ski rescue goes way, way off track.

2018. France. 6 minutes.


The (cat) power of the cosmos can fuel you once you connect your charger to the energy and yin-yang fusion of Catmos.

2017. Russian Federation. 5 minutes.

A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl

Who doesn’t need A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl—whether you are, have been, or ever wanted to be one—in this wry comedy.

2017. Australia. 20 minutes.

Dec 21

Home Alone

$5 tickets for children 12 and under!

In one of the highest-grossing comedies of all time, hero Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) has free reign over his well-appointed suburban home when his family forgets to take him on their Parisian Christmas holiday.

After a frolicking montage of junk-food eating, bed jumping, and television bingeing, Kevin matures and tries his hand at "adulting." Now the de facto ruler of his family's kingdom, he is forced to defend it against burglars, the scheming Harry (Joe Pesci) and bumbling Marv (Daniel Stern). Kevin lures the invaders through a John Williams’ scored, Rube Goldberg-esque maze of pain. By the time the villains are conquered, we are ready for the sticky-sweet family reunion and welcome the final scenes like Christmas morning.