Foreign Focus


Foreign Focus is a monthly series screening the best contemporary films from across the globe. As a space for cultural enrichment, we understand how essential it is to expose our audiences to different realities and perspectives. With the creation of our new series Foreign Focus, we want our audience to explore the world through striking images and thought provoking content.

Foreign Focus will transport you to awe-inspiring places where you will witness different traditions and be fascinated by the infinite ways human beings interact throughout the world.

Foreign Focus is sponsored by:
Dr. Gail Morrison
Aaron and Andrea West
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David Whiteman and Lee Jane Kaufman

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Aug 09


This film is a part of our Foreign Focus series.

Director: Kleber Mendonça Filho

In this Brazilian film about gentrification and redevelopment, Clara is the last resident in a low-rise beachside block in the coastal city of Recife. The 65 year old resists pressure by a company attempting to develop the unit and force her out, preferring to stay in her longtime home. This film is a celebration of community and neighborhood life starring beloved Brazilian actress, Sonia Braga.

Sep 13

Pop Aye

A part of our Foreign Focus series.

Director: Kirsten Tan

A successful Bangkok architect in the midst of a midlife crisis is reunited with an elephant he knew growing up. The two embark on a roadtrip to the man's childhood home through the Thai countryside. Along the way, they meet a colorful cast of characters that includes a pair of local police officers, a sex worker, and a wise drifter. As the encounters mount and the bond between man and elephant deepens, filmmaker Kirsten Tan achieves a strikingly emotionally satisfying feature debut.