#SelmaHandinHand Initiative

Jan 5, 2015 by Sherard Duvall on The Nickelodeon Blog

Community. That word embodies one of the main reasons I decided to come to The Nickelodeon Theatre. As a filmmaker and film-lover I have long realized the dynamic impact that film can have on community building.

In our mission it states that we aim to provide a focal point for critical dialogue anchored by films that showcase the diversity, challenges, joy, and aspirations of our community. The word that sticks out in that sentence is dialogue. I have come to realize that as passionate as someone is and as well intentioned as their actions may be, when someone is dealing in the world of community building, the word dialogue is essential.

Film’s built-in group watching format is perfect for dialogue and discussions. Bringing people together from different walks of life, but with similar interest to engage with one another around a film creates a natural environment for thoughts and ideas to be shared.

We received a call from Annejanet Harp about our participating in the Value Partnerships and Paramount Pictures backed Selma Hand-In-Hand initiative. Their mission is to bring organizations of different races around the country together for post film conversations. This was a natural partnership to us. Whether it’s our Civil Rights Sundays or Docs Now! series, community discussion is an area the Nick prides itself in offering. Selma is a wonderful opportunity for the Nick to create a space where our audience can deeply engage with a film and each other.

We are proud to include 3 special, post-film discussion screenings of Selma on January 10th at 11am and January 11th at 2pm and January 18th at 2pm. Panelists include USC History Professor Dr. Bobby Donaldson, Civil Rights Archivist James Felder, Dr. Melissa Cooper with USC’s Institute of Southern Studies, and Henri Baskins, Executive Director of the Cultural Relations Council and more will join us to discuss this powerful film with our audience.

Talking with each other is one way that all of us can participate in making our community stronger. I hope you are able to join us.

Here’s the schedule:

January 10th @ 11am (Selma Hand in Hand)
Henri Baskins – Exec. Director of Greater Columbia Community Relations Council
Betsy Newman – Producer SCETV
Bud Ferillo – Civil Rights Activist / Director, “Corridor of Shame”

January 11th @ 2pm (Selma Hand in Hand)
Dr. Bobby Donaldson – University of SC Assoc. Prof of History
James Felder – Author / Civil Rights Archivist
Mrs. Estelle Young – Selma March Attendee

January 18th @ 2pm (Collaboration with USC’s Institute for Southern Studies)
Dr. Melissa Cooper – Univ of SC Institute of Southern Studies
Dr. Todd Shaw – Univ. of SC Assoc. Director of African-American Studies
Dr. Patricia Sullivan – Civil Rights Historian