Searching for a LullaBYE

Jul 16, 2015 by Nickelodeon on The Nickelodeon Blog

This exhibition is an exploration of feminine signification: through personal histories, technology, and fantasy, toward the creation of new mythologies and creation stories. Artists Pamela Burris and Roni Nicole Henderson explore the vagaries of life cycles. Burris studies the isolation and loneliness of childhood using 3D animation.  She mines her memories of childhood trauma, reframing the narrative as adventure in a developing digital game replete with watch towers, prowling animals, and shadowy humans. Images in the exhibition will include digital prints and 3D animation.

Henderson rebuilds the creation myth with woman at the center, such as in her film “Grace,” the retelling of a savior’s beginning in which powerful female spirits guide and protect a young soul into existence. For this exhibition she will show three film shorts accompanied by photography.  Burris and Henderson each play with themes of memory, desire, and personal and public history. They use digital and new media to reimagine and reframe the narrative concerning Black women in America.  Using the tenets of Afrofuturism, each artist combines non-western cosmologies, magic realism, and fantasy to interrogate existing hegemonic approaches to the telling of stories of black women in popular-cultural and personal narratives. Each artist takes the viewers on a journey through interior and exterior vignettes at once real and fantastic.

-Michaela Pilar Brown, Exhibition Curator