Say “Hi” to new HHMEC intern Cole Connor!

Feb 16, 2015 by Sherard Duvall on The Nickelodeon Blog

Howdy friends of the Nick and all film lovers. My name is Cole Connor, and despite the awkward smirk above, I’m so pumped to be apart of the HHMEC intern team this Spring 2015!

Born and bred right out of the backwoods of Dalzell, SC, I’ve been living in the depths of our capital city for the past year and half. I’ve always wanted to dive into the world of film, editing, and media education, but where I am from, media education is pretty much zilch. Pursuing my music career the past couple of years has opened the doors and greatly increased my interest in entertainment, film, and media. As I continue to be creative and pursue the dream of a career in music, my creativity craves more and more what can only be satisfied through film.

As a young teenager, I loved editing popular movies to popular music. I opened up Windows Movie Maker with wide eyes and a blank slate. The wheels started spinning and for multiple summers and weekends, little Cole zoned out in the unknown film and editing world. This year is the first time I’ve been able to step out of my household and finally join a positive community of media and film lovers committed to bettering Columbia! It’s beyond interesting to further learn the ins and outs of not only a non-profit theatre but also how film is so influential. If you work in the film and media world, you control WHAT ¬†your viewers see and HOW they see it. This is a powerful tool that affect people greatly. Will you leave your viewers inspired, sad, happy, angry…? The choice is yours. That is cool.

Speaking of cool, if I’m not working on music, acting out random scenes of mob movies as I drive, or eating all the chocolate I can, catch me binge watching “House of Cards”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Walking Dead”, or even the new zombie show “Z Nation”(I love zombies). If you have not watched these shows, they are a must see. Beautifully written, directed, and edited.

I am looking forward to an awesome spring of interning at one of the most creative and positive environments I’ve seen. Can’t wait to meet and help out as many as I can on this journey!