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Information and Rates

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Thank you for your interest in the Nickelodeon Theatre as the venue for your next special occasion or event.

The Nick serves Columbia, SC, as a focal point for critical dialogue anchored by films that showcase the diversity, challenges, joy and aspirations of its community. A center for enjoyment, enrichment, and education, the Nick provides its community the tools to make, interpret, appreciate, and teach the moving image in all its variety.

Access to venue rental rates for all individuals and companies require one of the following annual corporate sponsorship or individual membership:

Individuals– $1000 Producer Membership

with which you receive the following benefits:

  • Two tickets to a screening of every regularly programmed film (Golden Ticket)
  • Six complimentary tickets
  • Discounted tickets for four
  • Recognition on the preshow trailer

Companies/Organizations– $1000 Corporate Sponsorship

with which your company receives the following benefits:

  • Logo placement on preshow
  • Logo in a shared space in the Nick Mag

501(c)(3) organizations have access to rental rates without a corporate or individual membership

Please, be aware of the following parameters for access to our theater:

  • The Nickelodeon is accessible for rentals Sunday through Thursday
  • Rental time-frames are available from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.
    • We are not available for rentals on Friday and Saturday.
    • You are welcome to contact the Nickelodeon with inquiries at any time.
  • All rental time-frames must include time for load-in, set-up, seating, total running times, exiting, and break-down.
    • Rental rates are hourly with a three hour minimum.
    • All guests should have exited and all gear should be removed from the building by the end of the rental time-frame.
  • The Nickelodeon reserves the right to hold screenings for our second screen during your event, unless an all-day rental of both theaters has been secured.
Theater Seating Capacity ADA

Before 3 p.m. – $600

+ $200 for each additional hour

After 3 p.m. – $1050

+ $350 for each additional hour

93 Two wheelchair accessible spaces

Before 3 p.m. – $900

+ $300 for each additional hour

After 3 p.m. – $1500

+ $500 for each additional hour

113 Three wheelchair accessible spaces
Both Theaters All-day – $8,000

Rates denoted are for a minimum three hour time block.

Base rental rate includes

  • One theater manager
  • One usher after 3 p.m.
  • Use of the following items:
    • Two 8” buffet tables
    • Two black tablecloths
    • Cashbox
    • A-frame easel
    • Wi-fi connection


  • All renters must have liability insurance which names the Nickelodeon Theatre as co-insured at $1,000,000 per occurrence and fire damage liability insurance of at least $100,000. Additionally, all renters must sign a hold harmless agreement form, which will be provided by the Nickelodeon.
    • This proof of insurance should be made available to the Nickelodeon at least 15 days prior to the scheduled event.
    • We can advise on insurance policies and agents.

Technical capabilities

  • DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD, digital files, and live streaming
  • HDMI capabilities for Apple and Windows digital presentations
  • Teleconferencing such as Skype and Google Hangouts
  • If your event requires any of these technical capabilities, you will need to obtain technical/projection assistance for $25 an hour for a two hour minimum.


  • The Nickelodeon treats every rental as a full-house and will print tickets for our theaters’ capacity for your event.
  • You may pick your tickets up ahead of time to distribute or have them available for guests at the door.
  • Nickelodeon ushers control theater entry for all rented events after 3 p.m.
  • If your event needs theater entry control before 3 p.m., you will need to request additional Nick staff for $25 per hour for a two hour minimum.

Lobby Use

  • Exclusive use of the lobby is only available for all-day rentals and rentals before 3 p.m.
  • As the Nickelodeon reserves the right to hold screenings for our second screen during your event, the lobby will be shared with Nickelodeon guests after 3 p.m.


  • One cashbox, two 8” buffet tables, and two black tablecloths are made available to all renters and may be used for selling merchandise.
  • Additional Nick staff may be added to the rental agreement to run a merchandise table with a fee of $25 per hour for a two hour minimum.


  • No publicity or marketing will be provided by the Nickelodeon.
  • General marketing of your event is your responsibility.

Optional add-ons

  • Film copyright permission for 20% of cost
    • If you are screening a film under copyright you must secure the rights to screen this film. If you need help with this the Nickelodeon charges 20% of the film’s cost.
  • Additional Nick staff for approved tasks for $25/hr (two hour minimum)
  • Technical/projection assistance for $25/hr (two hour minimum)
  • Manned concessions with one Nick staff for $12/hr (two hour minimum)
    • The Nickelodeon will retain 100% of all concessions sales
  • Unlimited popcorn for guests
    • $200 downstairs
    • $250 upstairs
    • One additional Nick staff for $12/hr (two hour minimum) is required.
    • Your guests will need to present their ticket stub to the concessions staff.
  • Unmanned coat check for $50 flat-rate
  • Marquee listing for $250 flat-rate
    • 35 character maximum
    • Listing placed one hour before the event
  • A flat fee of $200 applies if outside catering is utilized.
    • Catering is reserved for all-day rentals and rentals before 3 p.m.

Concert Rentals

  • The Nickelodeon permits concert rentals up to 85db.

Additional Information

  • Liquor
    • Outside alcohol is only permitted with prior approval from staff.
  • Parking
    • The Nickelodeon does not provide parking or valet services.
    • There are two parking garages within a block of the theater. The Municipal Parking Garage at the corner of Assembly and Taylor has 5 hour parking meters on its lowest level. After 5pm there is usually ample street parking on Main Street at the regular metered spaces.
  • Smoke-free facility
    • The Nickelodeon is a smoke-free facility. No smoking, cooking, or open-flame is allowed on site or within 25 feet of the venue, as the Nickelodeon houses costly projection equipment that is easily damaged by smoke. Any renters or renter’s guests in violation of this request will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Lost and Found
    • The Nickelodeon will make every attempt to return any lost item to its owner, and will hold any lost items in our lost and found for 30 days.
  • City, County, State, and Federal Laws
    • Renters must comply with all applicable city, county, State, and Federal laws and will commit no illegal acts on the premises.
  • Conduct
    • All guests will conduct themselves appropriately and will respect all Nickelodeon staff.

Securing a date

  • A meeting and walk-through with the rental coordinator is mandatory before the signing of the contract.
  • 50% of the rental fee is due at the signing of the contract.