Reading Movies

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Program Description

Our popular field trip program, Reading Movies, presents film screenings, post film discussions and critical thinking/writing exercises that enrich students’ study of literature, social studies, science, world languages, and the visual and performing arts. By providing students an understanding of the languages of film: Camera, Editing, Sound & Mise en Scene, we are introducing students to the skills they need to be able to become media literate in today’s video heavy society.

Teachers are welcome to choose from one of two titles from the current grade appropriated film list . Education faculty as well as guest speakers provide a social, historical, cultural, and aesthetic context for the film and facilitate post­-screening discussion. After post-­screen discussion, students break into groups and – using giant storyboards – collaborate, write, draw and present a new ending for the film.

Screenings are held at the Nickelodeon Theatre. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Cost includes free small popcorn and drink for all students. Special rates are available for groups with less than 30 students and schools with a high percentage of students that receive free or reduced lunch. There is no charge for teachers and chaperones. Min 30 / Max 60 Students.

Media Arts Standards Addressed:

  • Students will develop and expand their knowledge of the the processes, techniques, and applications used in creating media work
  • Students will analyze and interpret media texts
  • Students will create media artwork that demonstrates an understanding of the principles of artistic design
  • Students will analyze, evaluate, and derive meanings from film and other moving images.

All student screenings require a 3 week processing period. For more information please contact [email protected]

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