Media Literacy Labs

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Program Description

Media Literacy Labs are field trip-based programs that bring groups of students out to the Nickelodeon Theatre for an educational cinema experience complete with popcorn and drinks. Our instructors are also equipped with materials to visit groups on-site at a school if needed. Courses range anywhere from one to three hours, and include activities, film screenings, and ample educational content. Media Literacy Labs observe the SC Department of Education Media Arts standards, as well as ELA standards of literacy. Our Media Literacy Labs are broken down into three distinct categories: CineLab, MediaLab, and StoryLab.

  • CineLab // 4th Grade and Up

CineLab dives deep into the language of cinema. CineLab presents the tools and techniques of narrative and documentary filmmaking while exploring themes in literature, world cultures, languages, social studies, and science. Each CineLab focuses on one film, tied to a central theme or concept to explore using the fundamentals of cinema. While the movies we use are in flux, the content is constant. For more information about movies that are available now as part of this program, contact [email protected]

  • MediaLab // 6th Grade and Up

MediaLab takes a look at the media streaming into the screens that proliferate our everyday lives. MediaLab investigates mass culture including news media, social media, advertising, and music videos. Each lesson is made to be relevant to student interests, and to develop a literacy that enables youth to better understand the complex messages we receive from all forms of media every day. Each version of this lab takes on a different theme with a different form of media. For more information on what themes are available now as part of this program, contact [email protected]

  • StoryLab // K – 5th Grade

Story Lab is a multi-media K-5 program for developing readers and writers in the craft of storytelling. Covering a wide range of stories and storytelling methods from around the world, StoryLab explores the basic archetypes that all stories share, and provides the tools for students to craft their own stories. Exploring fundamentals of plot, setting, characters, as well as more nuanced techniques, StoryLab educates via fun activities, screenings, writing exercises, music, and games.


For more information, or to schedule a Media Literacy Lab, please contact Seth Gadsden at [email protected] or visit us at