One Night Only: Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope”

Nov 19, 2014 by Pedro Lopez DeVictoria on The Nickelodeon Blog

As we enter our final week of showing Birdman, it becomes apparent that the buzz surrounding this film can not be ignored. Not only has the film review community been discussing its unique one-long-take filming style, both the director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, and the chief cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki, have been predicted to get Oscar nods. Making the bold choice to shoot the entire film as if it were one seamless shot, this technique was also central to a classic film by one of Hollywood’s most notorious weavers of horror.

And so, hot on the heels of the currently showing run of Birdman, we’ll be holding a special showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 crime thriller classic Rope. Featuring classic film star James Stewart, Rope depicts the tale of two erudite men who are guilty of a terrible crime, and the brazen lengths they go to prove their ability to keep it under wraps. It should be noted that, while Birdman had the aid of digital technology to pull off the one-shot camera trick, Hitchcock was limited by the times to only film, making the performance of the movie – the acting, directing, and shooting – a hugely impressive feat. Possibly the best demonstration of this is the opening scene, which you can watch in the clip below.

You can get your tickets for our special screening of Rope here: