New Look of the Nick

Mar 21, 2014 by Andy Smith on The Nickelodeon Blog

New Nick Logo from Nickelodeon Theatre on Vimeo.

The move to the renovated Fox Theatre back in August of 2012 was an important milestone in the history of the Nickelodeon.  Though the original theater at 937 Main served us well for over 30 years, the members, staff and board recognized that the building limited what the organization was able to accomplish.   The leaky ceiling, uncomfortable seats, aging projection equipment and cramped lobby all worked against more people experiencing the great art, probing discussions and community building work the Nick was always known for.  The new facility has proven us right, as attendance at the Nick has increased by 50% since the move and our membership has doubled.  Just goes to show what a little work on our appearance can do.

It had been our intention to launch a new brand identity for the organization in concert with the opening of the new facility, but in the end we realized we simply didn’t have the time or capacity to pull it off then.  This year, however, we were able to finally take on the project and are thrilled with the results.  No longer stuck with drab black and grey design and a typeface that was, well, let’s just say dated, we are excited to release our new look.

Like the new space itself, we wanted our new look to be more colorful and welcoming while also allowing for great flexibility given how diverse our programming has become.  The new logo is based around two vertical bars, symbolizing a screen of sorts, but also serving as the two outer lines of the letter “N.” We’ve had a lot of fun developing different iterations of the middle space, which completes the “N,” that will be continuously changing over time.  Our new website is much more bright, colorful and user-friendly.  The ticket buying process should be much simpler and Nick staff will have many more tools to share information (including this blog itself).

The transformation of the Nick continues to be a work in progress, but this is another important step.  We feel like we finally have a exterior that matches our new spirit and are so glad to finally get to share it with you.