Meet Indie Grits Intern Charlotte!

Jun 16, 2014 by Seth Gadsden on The Nickelodeon Blog

Shout out to my fellow Indie Grits fans! My name is Charlotte Johnston and I am glad to report I am one of the new 2014 Indie Grits Interns! After volunteering last year for Indie Grits I knew I had to get further involved and learn everything it takes to put on such a spectacular film festival. I am extremely excited to be a part of the Best Indie Grits Film Festival yet!

I am a junior currently attending the University of South Carolina. As a lost college student uncertain of my future but familiar with my passions, I recently changed my major for a third time. I finally decided to major in broadcast journalism and minor in media arts. I would love my name to be in the end credits of a movie one day!

When I am not in class or at the Nickelodeon Theater, I’m either working in Five Points, relaxing riverside in my Eno, dancing to the tunes from my latest vinyl, or simply browsing social media and feeding my Netflix itch.

I love to travel, to try new food, and to explore new cultures. Being the next Anthony Bourdain would be a dream come true.

The life changing feeling I get after watching a movie is what reminds me that I want to work in the film industry. Some of my favorite films include: Inside Man, Reservoir Dogs, Breaking Away, The Shinning, American Psycho, Clerks, Fargo, and anything Wes Anderson.  This list could go on forever; I live for movies.