Looking Back: 2016 Education Fundraiser

Jan 12, 2017 by Pauline on The Nickelodeon Blog

In early December we hosted a gathering at the War Mouth to celebrate how far our education program has come, and envision the new terrain we want it to tackle. That evening at the War Mouth, while a light drizzle started outside and jazz fueled the revelry inside, so much of our expansive Nickelodeon family came out to dine, dance, drink, and above all, show their support for our community.


That night lent us the opportunity to bridge the gap between our generous donors and the programs they’ve helped fund. Attendees watched student projects and talked to some of those creators and their teachers– both sides learning about the experiences and ambitions of the other. The fundraiser also allowed the Nickelodeon to speak on the advancements within our organization and those to come.

The Helen Hill Media Education Center has grown and matured considerably from its origins. We have more after school programs, adult workshops, summer camps, and field trips than ever before. That expansion comes from not only our commitment to giving young filmmakers a platform, but also from the dedication of our students and the dedication of donors. We look forward to the new resources, classes, and artworks to come out of this collective effort.


We’d like to thank the artists and local businesses that participated in our silent auction, the war mouth for their endless hospitality, and the Sunrise Jazz ensemble for their swinging good time. Thank you to everyone who so generously donated, and a special thanks to the sponsorship of John and Nancy Freeman with additional support from Mike and Julie Brenan.


Photos by Bree Burchfield