Introduction to Pauline Arroyo

Jun 10, 2016 by Marketing on The Nickelodeon Blog

My name is Pauline and I am an intern at the Nickelodeon. I was raised just a few traffic jams away in Lexington and recently returned to the Columbia area after college. I studied studio art and creative writing at Wake Forest University, and while this instilled me with a passion for creating, it didn’t instill me with a passion for a specific career. Armed with this tectonic level of cluelessness, I graduated early and anticlimactically, and headed back home. I then took a four-month break from reality that centered on sleeping, painting, and burning out my eyes on computers, before starting to consider what my next step would be.

One of the next steps I tried landed me at the Nick. I came to interning here out of an interest to work in proximity with cinema. Going to the movies has always been one of my favorite activities, partially for the experience and escape, and partially for the food. A deeper appreciation for film came to me in college when I studied video art as part of my major, and became addicted to cutting and collaging videos.

That being said, I came to work here as a marketing intern—a bit of departure for someone whose previous credits consisted of stone carving and writing poetry. But that distance between my traditional comfort zone and my work using graphic design and social media is the rewarding part about this experience.

Apart from supporting film and learning a new field, the best thing about getting involved with the Nick is how it exposed me to the art scene in Columbia. Even though I grew up close by, I was never aware of just how much was going on in the city until I moved back home. The Nick works closely with the art community here and Indie Grits is basically a celebration of that. A lot of my coworkers are artists and musicians; it’s incredible to see the work they generate and how they stitch together their own opportunities. Undoubtedly these people have a better sense of what they want to do in their lives than I. But seeing their dedication, and having a place like the Nickelodeon that encourages creativity challenges me daily to do more, whatever that more may be.