How Bad is “Blood Freak”?

Sep 25, 2015 by Nickelodeon on The Nickelodeon Blog

I don’t think it would be fair to call it “the worst film ever made,” because certainly the “worst film” couldn’t be this entertaining. It certainly has to be the best no-budget, Christian-propagandist, anti-drug, sex-and-gore-filled, mutant-turkey-monster exploitation film ever made. Every aspect of this film is so over-the-top bad, from the scripting, to the acting, to the cinematography, to the special effects, that it takes on a surreal quality—it’s outsider art that feels like a dream… the kind you’d have after eating a plate of salmonella-infected turkey with all the trimmings.

A Vietnam-vet biker, Herschell, picks up Angel, who takes him back to her place to meet her drug-taking hippie friends and her floozy sister, Ann. Ann has the hots for Herschell and hips him to “something guaranteed to make you fly,” which turns him into a laughing weed maniac. Trying to get back on track, he takes a job at a turkey farm—but the employees are mad scientists who offer him more weed and use him as a guinea pig for “experiments.” Herschell eats a contaminated turkey and has a freakish transformation into a mutant vampiric turkey-man who goes on a berzerk and bloody rampage, feeding off the blood of drug addicts. The entire story is narrated by a chain-smoking weirdo, played by the film’s director, Brad F. Grinter, who reads directly from the script and, at one point, has a coughing fit—which was not given a second take or edited out.

Blood Freak was shot in Florida, if that helps to explain.

Blood Freak is simply one of the most bizarre films ever made. There seems to be a moral to the narrative that gets completely lost once the filmmakers decided to “spice it up” with gratuitous sex and violence. The sheer ineptitude of every aspect of the production confuses the matter further, leaving the viewer wondering “what the hell is this supposed to be?” Well, what it is is simply 86 minutes of insanity featuring hippies, drugs, gore, and the best/worst mutant-turkey-monster of all time. We dare you to find a better mutant-turkey-monster movie than Blood Freak! We expect our typical First Friday Lowbrow Cinema Explosion audience to “gobble it up.”

-Chris Bickel, Series Curator