"One of the most remarkable and unaccountable films ever made in Hollywood..."

— David Kehr, The Chicago Reader

Written on the Wind

Film • Jul 16

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A summer melodrama par excellence from Douglas Sirk, the Golden Era’s master of lurid color and ruinous obsessions.  

Set on the sweaty Texas estate of oil tycoon Jasper Hadley, Written on the Wind is the story of a blue-collared, golden-hearted geologist Mitch (Hollywood-hunk Rock Hudson) caught in the destructive web of Hadley’s desirous daughter Marylee (Dorothy Malone) and unstable son Kyle (Robert Stack). When a beautiful New Yorker comes to town (Lauren Bacall) and wins Kyle’s hand and Mitch’s heart, desperation and mania boil over.

Directed by Douglas Sirk.

1956. USA. 99 minutes. Not rated.