The fourth Bond film benefitted from its biggest budget yet, and the special effects deserved the Oscar they won.

— Rolling Stone


Film • Jul 29–Jul 30

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A stylish 1960s classic that set the stage for decades of spy thrillers. The most gorgeous Bond film finds 007 (Sean Connery) traveling to the sandy beaches and deep blue waters of the Bahamas to thwart a plot by the nefarious SPECTRE.

The luscious outing was the moment the franchise hit the bigtime — Bond flies a working jetpack, villain Largo threatens enemies with a pool of real sharks, and production sported a crew especially for lavish underwater filming. The film was a box office smash (the era’s biggest hit) and won an Oscar for its stunning visual effects. Dive into the mod must-see that gave an Aston Martin a water cannon and made James Bond a Panavision, Technicolor spectacle for the big screen.

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Directed by Terence Young.

1965. UK. 130 min. PG.