[A] seductive first feature.... Ravishingly shot... with quietly authoritative performances by an almost exclusively female cast...."

— Lee Marshall, Screen International

The Sower

Film • Nov 21

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The winner of the prestigious New Director competition at the San Sebastian Film Festival, Marine Francen’s debut is a sensual, visually stunning historical romance.

In 1851, France’s autocratic President Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte has ordered the arrest of all the men of a remote mountain farming village following a Republican uprising. The women spend years in total isolation, forced to tend the crops themselves. Some women have lost their husbands; others, like the shy but inwardly strong Violette, suddenly have no chance of experiencing physical love or motherhood. The women take an oath: if a man comes, they will share him as a lover. When a mysterious and handsome stranger arrives, he ignites passions and jealousies that threaten to destroy the tight-knit community.

In the vein of The Beguiled and The Guardians, Marine Francen’s strikingly beautiful first feature is a part of a new wave of female-focused historical drama.

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2017, 98 Minutes, France, Not Rated, In French with English Subtitles.