There's barely a gangster movie, a family epic or a movie about Italian Americans that doesn't inevitably use THE GODFATHER as a frame of reference. It's more than a standard-bearer for critics and filmmakers — it's a monument.

— Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle

The Godfather

Film • Aug 5–Aug 6

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Considered by many the greatest film of all time. From its opening line of “I believe in America,” Coppola’s 1970s epic declared itself a definitive tale of loyalty, aspiration, and the American dream.

Featuring career-defining performances from Marlon Brando and Al Pacino as patriarch Vito Corleone and thoughtful son Michael, The Godfather follows the evolution of an Italian-American crime family as they grapple with corruption and betrayal. Often cited as one of the last films ever printed in Technicolor, The Godfather was hailed for its distinctive, naturalistic hues.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

1972. USA. 175 minutes. Rated R for strong violence and some sexuality/nudity.