Cardasis brings a sensitive eye to the subject, painting a textured picture of Ulysses' solitude and his hunger for self-knowledge.

— David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

Saturday Church

Film • Mar 20

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This film is a part of our OUT Here series.

An introduction by Audria Byrd and Nathaniel Simmons-Thorne accompanies the program. Audria Byrd is a Columbia-based filmmaker and activist and Nathaniel Simmons-Thorne is an academic and anti-racism activist-organizer.

Director: Damon Cardasis

An innovative musical about Ulysses, a young man exploring his identity and sexuality in New York. Invigorated by imaginative dance sequences, original songs and interior-monologues, the film follows its protagonist as he finds refuge amongst dancers and performers in the city’s vibrant transgender community.

Support provided by:

SC Equality PAC
Famously Hot South Carolina Pride
South Carolina Gay + Lesbian Business Guild
Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, PA
Darryl Cooper
John Lucas
Robert Keenan and Brian Chen
Lula Drake
Dr. Ed Madden and Bert Easter
Larry Hembree and Joe Hudson
James Hendrick and Richard Irwin

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2017. USA. 90 minutes. This film is not yet rated by the MPAA.