One of the screen's supreme works and perhaps Ingmar Bergman's finest film.

— Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune


Film • Mar 25

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This film is a part of our Silver Screen Studies series.

Director: Ingmar Begman

Introduction by Professor Susan Felleman.

Join us to celebrate the centennial of legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman with a special screening of his most groundbreaking film!

Now widely considered one of the most accomplished filmmakers of all time, by the mid-1960s Ingmar Bergman was already a two-time Academy Award winner and the recipient of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

However, Persona was a radical break from the thoughtful chamber dramas he had made in the past. The story of the melding identities of a psychiatric patient and her seemingly supportive nurse, this essential film left an indelible impression on filmmakers including David Lynch (especially Mulholland Drive), Woody Allen, and Robert Altman.

1967. Sweden. 83 min. NR.