Chuckle, if you can, during the first few minutes; because after that laughter catches in the throat as the clammy hand of terror tightens its grip.

— Nigel Floyd, Time Out

Night of the Living Dead

Film • Oct 26

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Thursday October 26 at 9:30pm

Director: George A. Romero

Special introduction by Chris Bickel, curator of First Friday Lowbrow Cinema Explosion, about Romero’s legacy.

Inarguably one of the most influential horror film directors of all time, George A. Romero made his directorial debut in 1968 with this low-budget, black and white feature about the dead rising from the grave. In reimagining zombies as walking corpses (the term previously primarily referred to somnambulists under the thrall of voodoo), Romero developed the premise that would inspire media including The Walking Dead and World War Z (2013). Released during a time of tremendous political trauma and tumult, and featuring a young Black protagonist facing antagonism by both the undead and law enforcement, Romero’s film also searingly channeled the real-life horrors of the 1960s.

Romero would go on to direct the mall-bound D awn of the Dead (1978), the medical panic film The Crazies (1973) and the haunting vampire film Martin (1978). The legendary filmmaker passed away on July 16, 2017.

1968. USA. 96 minutes. This film is not yet rated by the MPAA