[My Neighbor Totoro] captures those moments of innocence as fleeting as summer days spent running barefoot through the grass, which only last until sundown but linger forever in memory.

— Elizabeth Rayne, SYFY Wire

My Neighbor Totoro

Film • Jun 4

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Join us for the 30th anniversary of the beloved family adventure from Studio Ghibli, My Neighbor Totoro!

While their mother is in the hospital, 10-year-old Satsuki and 4-year-old Mei move into an old country house with their professor father. At the foot of an enormous camphor tree, Mei discovers the nest of King Totoro, a giant forest spirit who resembles an enormous bunny rabbit. Mei and Satsuki learn that Totoro makes the trees grow, and when he flies over the countryside or roars in his thunderous voice, the winds blow. Totoro becomes the protector of the two sisters, watching over them when they wait for their father, and carrying them over the forests on an enchanted journey. When the children worry about their mother, Totoro sends them to visit her via a Catbus, a magical, multilegged creature with a grin the Cheshire Cat might envy.

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

Children under 12 get $5 tickets!

1988. Japan. 86 minutes. Rated G.