This event is not going to cable tv or video on demand or anywhere else... if you don't catch it at your local cinema, you missed it!

— Nicholas Mason, Founding Director of Manhattan Short

Manhattan Short Film Festival

Film • Sep 30

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Manhattan Short has announced the final selections for its 21st annual short film festival, taking place in over 350 venues across six continents between September 27th and October 7, 2018. Manhattan Short is the only event of its kind—the final nine films are screened simultaneously across the world during a one-week period, with the Best Film and Best Actor awards determined by ballots cast by the audiences in each participating venue.

These short films represent the best among 1,565 submissions from 73 countries, a testimony to the enduring vibrancy and creativity of short films.


(UK) 15 minutes
Haunted by grief, a man asks questions only the recently dead can answer.

Fire in Cardboard City

(New Zealand) 9 minutes
When the city catches on fire, it’s up to an energetic fire chief to save the citizens.

Home Shopper

(USA) 16 minutes
In a loveless marriage, a woman seeks solace from a home shopping channel.


(Kosovo) 12 minutes
To escape an arranged marriage, a young girl seizes the chance to run away and save more than herself.

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times

(UK) 12 minutes
Two strangers meet at a turning point and initial conflict gives way to compassion and friendship.


(Germany) 14 minutes
Red Army soldiers bent on revenge for WWII atrocities attack a German city. Compassion comes from an unlikely source. Based on a true story.


(Hungary) 16 minutes
During a conference in Prague, two interpreters hilariously vie for the attention of one listener.

Fauve [Five]

(Canada) 16 minutes
Two boys playing in an abandoned mine take turns outdoing each other until, suddenly, it is no longer a game.


(Austria) 18 minutes
A woman finds her lost lover in a world of surreal landscapes, but love, she discovers, is more complicated than she imagined.

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2018. 140 minutes. Not Rated.