...the strength of the film is that it's willing to push past the homilies we've all been taught about diversity and cooperation and focus on the messy politics and human feelings underneath.

— Katherine Murray, PopMatters

Four friends pose for a selfie with the film's title, High Fantasy, in the foreground in a psychedelic font.

High Fantasy

Film • Aug 30

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Four friends go camping on an isolated farm in South Africa’s Northern Cape. Filming their trip on phone cameras, they capture themselves in the farm’s endless, haunting landscape. As the sun bakes down, the friends do their best to survive the weekend together amidst social awkwardness and discomfort, but the next morning holds an unbelievable shock: all four of them have swapped bodies. Their reactions vary from horror to disgust to glee, but one thing is agreed; they can’t go home like this. They’ll have to get along to find a solution, but tensions are mounting. Conflicts from the past return in force, things that have been left unsaid are said, and the fantasy of the Rainbow Nation becomes a painful awakening.

Directed by Jenna Bass.

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