It's one of the best documentaries ever made, a superb film about the thoughts and feelings of the era, the whole festering, spirited animus of it.

— Desson Thomson, Washington Post

Hearts and Minds

Film • Dec 6

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A part of our For the Record series.

A conversation moderated by Kent Germany, Associate Professor of History at USC follows the screening.

Director: Peter Davis

Continue the public conversation about the Vietnam War with a special screening of the groundbreaking, Oscar-winner Hearts and Minds.

A film of tremendous historical and cultural resonance. Released in the midst of the Vietnam War, the Nixon presidency, and eleven months before the Fall of Saigon, Hearts and Minds was praised by the New York Times in 1975 as “extraordinary” and “the true film for America’s bicentennial.” Combining combat footage, Hollywood film clips, and interviews with key figures including General William Westmoreland, Davis’ film reimagined the terms of political documentary prompting Michael Moore to hail it as the “definitive” account of the war.

Kent Germany is Associate Professor of History at the University of South Carolina.  He is an expert in American history of the 20th century with a particular emphasis on the post-World War II period, poverty, civil rights, and citizenship. He has completed several book-length projects on the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson:  New Orleans After the Promises: Poverty, Citizenship, and the Search for the Great Society (University of Georgia Press, February 2007), and multiple volumes in the presidential recordings collection including The Kennedy Assassination and the Transfer of Power: The Presidential Recordings: Lyndon B. Johnson and Toward the Great Society: The Presidential Recordings.

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1974. USA. 112 minutes. Rated R for strong racially-motivated violence, language and drug use. English, French and Vietnamese with English Subtitles.