Everybody Dies

Film • Apr 20–Apr 22

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Thursday, April 20th at 9:30pm
Saturday, April 22nd at 9:15pm

Not all of us are destined to go gentle into that good night. Ask any of the island spirits, murderous siblings, or vengeful artists dominating this block. Everybody Dies, sure, but our individual journeys to and through the afterlife—if one believes in such a thing—are sometimes anything but peaceful. Angst-ridden and anarchic, simmering with not-so-quiet rage, the shorts of Everybody Dies concern themselves with the souls and psyches of those for whom tranquility and passive acceptance are not possible. Everybody Dies burns with irrepressible emotion, searing audiences with taboo feelings that would certainly remain covered otherwise. All the lives of Everybody Dies rattle and rage, going out with an explosion, not a whimper.


Field Notes, directed by Vashti Harrison
White Death, directed by Robert Collio
J. Cole – Everybody Dies, directed by Scott Lazer
Black River, directed by André Silva
Death, directed by Gabriela Badillo
Dim Blood, directed by David Zonana
Wave Iteration, directed by Anna Spence