One of the gutsiest, most exciting, and most satisfying courtroom docudramas ever, one that genuinely lifts the spirits as you watch it.

— Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

Erin Brockovich: Environmental Protection & Citizen Action

Film • Sep 14

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Due to predicted inclement weather the Nickelodeon program “Environmental Protection and Citizen Action” featuring Erin Brockovich has been rescheduled for Thursday September 14 at 6:30pm. We look forward to hosting guest speakers Kathleen McDaniel and Bob Guild on Thursday. We apologize for any inconvenience this scheduling change might have caused. All pre-sold tickets will be honored at the new showtime.

This film is a part of our JURISCINEMA: The Law on Screen series.

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Based on the true story of the people of Hinkley, CA’s battle against groundwater contamination, Erin Brockovich stars Julia Roberts (in an Academy Award-winning performance) as a tenacious legal clerk who links the Central California Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s (PG&E) dumping of hexavalent chromium to a high incidence of cancer amongst Hinkley residents, leading to the largest direct-action settlement of all time.

A conversation with Bob Guild and Kathleen McDaniel about environmental protection and citizen action follows the screening.

Bob Guild is a leading expert on environmental law and represents citizens and conservation groups in disputes involving threats to public health and the environment. He currently is representing the Sierra Club in a challenge to the inadequate nuclear waste disposal practices at the Chem- Nuclear radioactive waste disposal facility at Barnwell, South Carolina.

Kathleen McDaniel is an attorney at Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, her practice focuses on environmental law. Through her environmental law work, Kathleen has helped clients with wetlands permitting and mining issues, as well as solid waste and hazardous waste disposal issues. In 2012, she received the Silver Compleat Lawyer Award from the University of South Carolina School of Law Alumni Association and the Civic Star Award from the Richland County Bar.

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2000. USA. 131 minutes. Rated R for language.